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Google got SERVED! by Belgium Authority

Google to be sued by Belgium for not blurring military websites

Belgium has supposedly asked Google to obscure sensitive military websites.

Google is dealing with legal action from Belgium for not blurring pictures of military sites. The Belgian defense ministry had asked for that the business odd air bases in its satellite images.

A spokesperson for Google said it has been working carefully with the Belgian government for two years.

” The Ministry of Defence will take legal action against Google,” a spokesperson for the ministry informed Reuters.

Additional information about the legal action was not provided, although the ministry is said to have requested sites such as nuclear reactor and air bases be blurred on the search giant’s satellite images.

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” It’s a pity the Belgium Department of Defence has chosen to take this decision,” Michiel Sallaets, a representative for Google in Belgium, said in a declaration.

” We have been working closely with them for more than two years, making changes to our maps where asked to make them legal under Belgian law.

” We plan to continue dealing with them in that spirit of cooperation.”

The company has been asked to obscure sensitive military sites in countries including France, Germany, and the Netherlands.

Google Street View is currently unapproved in India.

In 2016 the defense ministry there mentioned issues over the security of sensitive military setups as a factor for not letting the company map street-level images.

Earlier this year, security issues were raised over the real fitness tracking company Strava. The business’s “heat maps”, produced by its users as they run or cycle, were shown to expose the workout regimens of military personnel in secret bases worldwide.

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