Java Script importantance and the future

Many computer programmers know numerous languages. The range of programs languages is broad, with some words used in particular contexts, but some more basic. For instance, Java can implement applications for both the desktop and the Web. Programming languages likewise take different techniques to performing processing so that composing applications can include various tasks and […]

Maintainable Code or High Productivity?

Latest Java Update: Maintainable Code or High Productivity? I have been doing a little development lately in addition to my routine task. Something that’s struck me: checking a one-line code repair requires some minutes. Development goes in stages between maintainable and productive, typically hitting among those extremes at the same time. The art of programs […]

Testing WebSockets with CURL

Tuesday 23 June 2015 Bash JavaScript Curl Just played around with to access a backend service over WebSockets. As you might guess, it didn’t worked right from the beginning. So, I wondered if there’s a way to test the backend with the good old curl command. And yes! There is! $ curl -i -N \ -H “Connection: Upgrade” […]

Running bower behind a firewall

Wednesday 17 June 2015 Bower JavaScript GitHub Https While working with Bower is nice, working with bower behind a company firewall is not that nice. It seems that by default Bower is trying to download the dependencies fromGitHub using SSH (or the git://) protocol. Unfortunately the SSH port is blocked by many firewalls. Actually this is not a Bower problem but a Git problem. Bower […]

Upgrading to RESTEasy3.x

Tuesday 01 July 2014 JEE JEE6 JBoss JBossEAP JAX-RS 2.0 REST RESTEasy RESTEasy When working with JBoss EAP 6.x you might reach the point, where the you would like to use the latest JAX-RS 2.0 features instead of the provided JAX-RS 1.1. In my case we hat to upgrade because of a bug in RESTEasy […]

Telnet without Telnet

Monday 18 November 2013 Bash Telnet Connectivity Firewall Recently I had to verify the connectivity of a new server. So, I logged in over SSH and simply typed telnet 5432 to test the firewall rules. But to my suprise, telnet was not installed on that machine. So, what now? Ok, we could check if […]

JCA connectors – Part 2

Friday 25 October 2013 JEE JCA Connector Resource Adapter Configuration After philosophizing about application configuration in Part 1 it’s now time to get our hands dirty. What are we going to write an outbound resource adapter! The resource adapter is based on my GitHub project outbound-connector which provides some base classes that reduces the code […]

JCA connectors – Part 1

Tuesday 01 October 2013 JEE JCA Connector Resource Adapter Configuration In most JEE projects I came across so far there were issues with the configuration. The handling is somehow cumbersome and error-prone. Feeding changes to all configuration files for all testing environments is not my favorite work. Two kinds of configuration data The configuration of […]

German Java Magazin

Thursday 04 April 2013 JavaMagazin: Himbeerkuchen mit Kaffee RaspberryPi JavaFX Java Hardware Just a quick note. The german Java Magazin just published my article about extending JavaFx Applications with self-made hardware on a RaspberryPi. JavaMagazin 05.2013 (Page 59) You can find the source code on my GitHub Page A Code you can Maintain or High […]

RaspberryPi with Faytech Touchscreen

Wednesday 13 February 2013 RaspberryPi 2   JavaFX Just a quick note for anybody who’s struggling with Touchscreens on the RaspberryPi. I just downloaded the latest Raspbian Image and started it. My Faytech 7” Touchscreen just works out of the box and it even works with JavaFX applications. No more kernel compilation! One tiny thing […]