Upgrading to RESTEasy3.x

Tuesday 01 July 2014

When working with JBoss EAP 6.x you might reach the point, where the you would like to use the latest JAX-RS 2.0 features instead of the provided JAX-RS 1.1. In my case we hat to upgrade because of a bug in RESTEasy 2 concerning sub-resource locators when using the proxy clients.

According to the RESTEasy page you simply have to unzip a file that contains the new modules for JBoss. This is a wonderful solution when working locally but it’s a very bad solution for production servers where the modules are installed through RPM packages. In that case you shouldn’t manually unzip some modules over the JBoss installation.

After several attempts of packing our own RESTEasy modules we found the solution for packing RESTEasy in the WAR file and leave the provided RESTEasy 2 installation alone. After all, it’s not that complicated. There are even blog post about that topic but some are a bit outdated when it comes to naming of modules and extensions.

So, here is what’s needed to upgrade JBoss EAP 6.2 to RESTEasy 3.


As we provide our own version of RESTEasy 3 we have to pack them into our WAR file. You’ll need the following dependencies:

java encoding 2

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  • Gordon Mitchell

    I really wish you guys would make a sample youtube video of this! RockS!

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